Thursday, March 22, 2012

Have A Piece of This

Near 4 in the morning, and I’m wishing that my MacAir’s clock read 4:20 instead. But these things can’t get lost in thought. After all, we all have experienced that so much can happen in 20 minutes. Even while I’m safe at home, shades on (at 4am), and writing this – apocalyptic things can happen in 20 minutes. Don’t argue just yet, but yes we are on the same page.

You may argue now. Because now I will tell you that I just came from Karl Roy’s tribute gig at B-side, and Karl wants to get loose from his cage to get rabid on things. Why was there no Kapatid song by the former bandmates of the now-so-Twitter-trendy-Hijo, Huh? P.O.T. (peyote, pot, poopy old tamales, papa of troy – uhm there were several meanings listed on the pages of their album if you’ve ever owned one or seen one. )
I digress. Diba yung mga taga P.O.T. yung bumugbog kay…

Hay. Once upon a time, mga Kapatid. Forgive. Let go. Mahirap na Jedi mind trick iyon, pero iyon talaga iyon. Let go. Yung ginawa ni Obi Wan Kinobe para maging Ilaw – Ganoon!

Sabi daw ni Karl naalala niya yung sa Glorietta at bakit di daw gumana ang kanyang Jedi Mind tricks sa isang security guard.

Ang sagot niya sa sairli niya noon tinanong siya kung ano ba paliwanag niya:


Natawa ako. Natawa din siya.

“Pero bakit ba tayo nagpapaliwanag?” tanong niya.

Ayon! Tumpak! Apir!

Liwanag. Ilaw. Light.

Look around these sunflowers.What do sunflowers do? (rhetorical) They follow the sun!

And we’re surrounded by sunflowers just forever staring at us.

We are the sun. We are the light.

Inikot ko mundo niya. (Yes, naka-bakes at naka-shrooms kami, but that’s not the point.)

Pause. Count two seconds ala Karl Roy, (which means two hours)… Sorry, maganda na nga kwento, ginugulo mo pa. Karl – just stand in the corner. Have a…  and then…

He speaks.

We are the Gods of the Sunflowers.

“We are the Gods of the Sunflowers.” -  Karl Roy.

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